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The Green Trees Project

welcome to the green trees project

Introducing The Big Idea: A Sustainable Technology Commercialization & Implementation Platform

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Right now

The world is clearly at a crossroads, we are facing massive challenges:

▪   Climate change, global warming;
▪   Income and educational inequality, especially amongst girls and women;
▪   Endemic multigenerational rural poverty;
▪   Increasing urbanization;
▪   Corporatization of large scale mono farming;
▪   Calorie rich / nutritionally poor foods leading to a global obesity epidemic;
All are problems facing the planet that must be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Business Meeting
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Everything must change

The old way of doing things - of doing business, of trying to solve the world’s problems, is simply no longer working. Everything must change.

Barriers must fall

Because, the three most significant barriers to the commercialization and implementation of sustainable technology into the wild has been:

1.The existing western model of equity funding

2.Costly for these innovative companies;

3.Doesn't include the cost of customers/clients acquisitions.

There is simply no more time for small ideas and independent action on the part of governments, NGOs and especially commercial interests.

A new approach is needed.

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Trees From Above

What is needed is a common purpose for the common good

The Big Idea Sustainable Technology Commercialization and Implementation Platform recognizes the above and has specifically been designed to be the catalyst for the required new approach.

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What we do

And why Thailand

Thailand’s commitment to sustainable development in an effort to build a more equitable society within sound sustainable environmental, social and commercial parameters. Thailand is deliberately positioning itself as the global hub of innovation across multiple sectors to develop and commercialize the solutions to the most pressing issues facing the world; Thailand is creating a commercial and social environment designed to foster and nurture individuals and companies that are also committed to sustainable development as part of the circular economy through innovative and imaginative technology applications. Therefore, solutions designed and developed for Thailand, would also have a ready market in ASEAN countries, Africa, Central and South America.

Through partnerships with Thai companies that already have commercial relationships and operations in these markets these new end-to-end solutions have potential “go to markets” channels in place from the beginning generating massive international competitive advantage to Thai companies and their partners.

Project/pilot funding:

from Thai Partners across multiple sectors in return for the licensing of territorial/sector commercialization rights to the developed technology and potentially equitable options;

Research & Development:

following a “Proof of Concept” commercialization model using proven using Thailand as the base

Default Market Expansion:

Thai Partner companies can thereafter license the technology domestically and internationally through their sector networks.

Join our growing list of successful projects and satisfied clients

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The future of clean agriculture starts here

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Who are we looking for?

A shared philisophy

We are seeking companies who share our philosophy of a Common Purpose For the Common Good and our vision of a more sustainable social, environmental and equitable world.

Collaborators with an imagination

We are seeking companies who have the vision, the patience and the temperament to work collaboratively and the imagination to see potential and possibilities where other companies see problems.

We're interested in working with companies in the following sectors:

bio pesticides, bio-fertilizers, bio animal feed, remote monitoring,  solar powered irrigation , water management and purification, waste management especially the up-cycling of agricultural waste and solutions for food safety and food security from the farm to the fork. 

Reach out

Please feel  free to contact us and tell us a little about your company and your vision. Perhaps we can assist your company and your Big Idea through our Big Idea.

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Contact Us

No. 9, Vichai Building, 2F, Chit Lom Alley, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

+66 (0) 8 7701 3754

Thanks for submitting!

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